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BMW DesignworksUSA Designs Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

BMW DesignworksUSA Designs Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The new Thermaltake Level 10 M gaming mouse was designed by BMW Group’s think tank of creative specialists, DesignworksUSA for Thermaltake, a renowned provider of electronic gaming accessories. The new Thermaltake Level 10 M gamin mouse is designed and developed as a high-end computer mouse for gaming pros like Kai “Kaii” Schäfer,  “White Ra,” and all those dedicated amateurs hoping to match their wits against the lightning-fast best.

Anyone who has played a computer game should know level 10 is usually reserved for the last or final stage of the a game and is usually only attained by those able to persevere through the mind boggling stages in a demonstration of mental and physical hand eye coordination skills. As such the mouse is designed to be very, very good. This is marked not only by the strikingly good looks of the mouse but also the features available. Design wise the mouse is said to resemble a tiny race car.

The Thermaltake Level 10 M mouse consists of a two-part construction, with the upper half seeming to float above the base. Made of an alloy also used in aeronautics and architecture, the Thermaltake Level 10 M is both lightweight and immune to corrosive effects. The top part, where the gamers hand would be resting for hours during competitions, can be individually adjusted for height and lateral inclination. The mouse is also outfitted with a number of keys, which a gamer can set to meet specific demands. The software packed into the stunning hardware is also able to read out DPi-rates for gaming visuals. The drilling in the upper shell serves to ventilate a player’s palms during the game – even top-seeded gamers break into a cold sweat at heart-stopping moments. As a special highlight this mouse can even be illuminated in different colours. The new mouse will be available in four colours: Diamond Black, Iron White, Military Green and Blazing Red.

According to Tony Liu, the director of Tt esports, the gaming division of Thermaltake, the Thermaltake Level 10 M is an “extension of the player’s soul.”

One might wonder why a mouse has to be tailored for the gamin market, especially the pro-gaming fraternity but just like a basketball shoe, a golf club or a cockpit, a professional gamers mouse needs to be customized to meet the competition needs of tech’s best athletes.

This has now been the second project where Thermaltake and DesignworksUSA have pooled their respective resources. The first was the Level 10 computer chassis, which made a huge splash in gaming circles.

The mouse is now available at most major retailer stores and online stores in the US, in Europe and Asia. More information on the Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse is also available on the Tt eSports’ website.

Watch the official launch video below.

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