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Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic exhaust systems seem to be a main selling point when bikers sell their motorcycles, this is most likely as a result of the very distinct deep resonant exhaust sound which emanates from the bikes and the Akrapovic branded sticker which is always proudly displayed on the exhaust system.

Until recently I thought these Akrapovic exhaust systems were only fitted to motorcycles until I learned that I was mistaken.  But you can be forgiven for this as Akrapovic has only recently entered the motor car foray in recent years, specifically since 2008. Akrapovic has an international reputation in the motorcycle sector having won over 60 world championship titles in various motor bike racing classes. The company was founded in 1990 by Igor Akrapovic a former motorcycle racer and is based in Slovenia.

The trademark material of choice for Akrapovic exhaust systems is stainless steel, titanium and carbon fibre.

Akrapovic exhaust systems are defined by the high levels of research, development and testing that go in to the design of new exhaust systems, the use of light weight materials, high quality fabrication and attention to detail. These all lead to the work of art that embellishes the underbody of a car and adds to its uniqueness.

Akrapovic first supplied Audi with an exhaust system for the R15 in 2009 and subsequently the R18 TDI for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons, all seasons in which Audi has proved to be a formidable force to reckon with. Other than Audi, Akrapovic is also an official partner to BMW Motorsport in the DTM championships, which has seen the return of BMW in 2012 to fight it out with Mercedes and Audi.

Akrapovic performance exhaust systems are imported into South Africa by Langston Motorsports, which also additionally provides any support or training that dealers may require.

Langston Motorsports not only imports Akrapovic exhaust systems for motorbikes and cars but a number of bike products such as Shark Helmets and Alpinestars bike protective wear. Langston Motorports is owned by Gerald Langston, Hans De Beer, and Grant Langston a motorcross champion.

Langston Motorsports locally sponsors the Afrox BMW and Mini teams with Akrapovic exhaust systems.

So the exhaust systems are used in motorsports, what does that mean for the man on the street?

Like most companies in the car business motorsports presents a brilliant marketing opportunity to improve brand awareness. More often than not it also presents a great opportunity to work with motor vehicle manufacturers to design, develop and manufacture these systems for their motorsport teams. The end result is that these or rather similar exhaust systems make their way into normal production cars, in some cases without affecting the warranty. I’m sure that’s got your attention now, well it got mine.

Akrapovic currently has exhaust systems for a number of passenger vehicles ranging from the Audi R8, BMW M3 and M5, Chevrolet Corvette Z06/ZR1, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ford Mustang GT, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes C63 AMG and SLS AMG, Mini Coper, Nissan GTR and 370Z, Porsche 911 and Volkswagen Golf VI.

Locally BMW is one of the automotive companies which has actually taken a keen interest in Akrapovic exhaust systems and supplies Akrapovic exhaust systems through their dealer network. Perhaps this is also why I was confronted by a number of BMW M3 kits at Langston Motorsports. What this means is that the warranty of BMW vehicles fitted with these approved exhaust systems is not affected.

According to Marc Webb at Langston Motorsports the trend in sales indicate that the fitment of Akrapovic exhaust systems in cars is picking up and giving competition to a number of other aftermarket performance companies such as AC Schnitzer.

As for cost, the price of one of these exhaust systems may set you back anywhere from R33000 to over R100000. I guess that’s the cost for good quality and exclusivity and it appears there are a  number of people in South Africa with the deep pockets to get just that.

The video below gives a brief overview of Cars fitted with Akrapovic exhaust systems.

  • Danie Nieuwoudt

    I would like to know where I can lodge a complain regarding a slip on exhaust fitted to my BMW r1200 adventure motorcycle.

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