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BMW M Celebrates 40 years of Existence

BMW M Celebrates 40 years of Existence


BMW Motorsport GmbH was born in 1972 as a subsidiary of BMW GmbH, with the name changing to BMW M GmbH in 1993. This year,2012, marks the 40th anniversary of the BMW M division.

Since its formation the BMW M division has released a number of exciting models which have kept customers coming back for more and more and the rest of us forever lusting to own one of the M branded BMW models. Well assuming your allegiance lies with BMW that is.

Although originally established as an in house sports in 1974 the BMW M division released the first road going BMW M engineered 5 Series (the 530, 533i, and 535i).

However the first car to wear the M badge was the BMW M1 in 1978. The success of the BMW M1 led BMW M to develop and build the M535i in 1980 which has a 2 valve 6 cylinder engine carried over from the BMW 635 CSi churning out 163kW.

In 1984 the 4 valve 6 cylinder 210kW engine from the M1 made its way into the BMW 635 CSi Coupé and the M5.

The BMW M3 was born in 1986 and represented the first car developed in parallel for both series production and Motor sport. The BMW M3 featured a 16 valve 4 cylinder 147kW engine.

Over time a variety of BMW M branded models have arisen with ever increasing performance and standards. 40 years into the companies’ history the BMW M Performance Badge has been added to focus on their diesel powered cars, with the engine of choice being the newly added straight six-cylinder diesel engine developed with three turbochargers and power of 284kW exclusively for BMW M Performance Automobiles.

We wish the BMW M division a happy 40th anniversary and most of all continued success.

Source: BMW

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