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New Volvo XC90 Launch Confirmed For Late 2014

New Volvo XC90 Launch Confirmed For Late 2014

The new Volvo XC90 is set for launch in 2014 and will be based on Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) and Volvo Engine Architecture (VEA).

Having taken quite some time to make any major updates to the current Volvo XC90, this is some welcome news. Especially considering the how aged the current Volvo XC90 looks in comparison to the much newer design language that is now featured on the newer models such as the Volvo V40.

SPA is Volvo’s new flexible, scalable product architecture that covers most of Volvo’s future car models. It is a product range consisting of shared modules and scalable systems and components, all manufactured in a flexible production system.

In parallel with SPA, Volvo Car Group is also developing an all-new four-cylinder fuel-efficient engine family known as VEA (Volvo Engine Architecture).

The investment in the new product architectures marks an investment by Volvo worth 11 billion USD, of which most will be spent in Sweden, constituting one of Sweden’s largest ever industrial investments.

“Almost half of the approximately 11 billion USD investments covering the years 2011 to 2015 will be spent in Sweden in the form of infrastructure for the new vehicle architecture and engine family,” says Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Car Group.

In addition, Håkan Samuelsson, also believes that the SPA and VEA architectures will sharpen the attractiveness of Volvo cars in all areas from; design, driving pleasure and quality.

At the moment Volvo has not presented a design concept of the Volvo XC90 at any shows, other than the few sketches they released earlier in the year.

Let’s hope thew new Volvo XC90 looks the part, and most importantly continues to carry the attributes the original XC90 was known for.

Source: Volvo

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