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New Volvo XC90 Launch Confirmed For Late 2014

New Volvo XC90 Launch Confirmed For Late 2014

The new Volvo XC90 is set for launch in 2014 and will be based on Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) and Volvo Engine Architecture (VEA).

Having taken quite some time to make any major updates to the current Volvo XC90, this is some welcome news. Especially considering the how aged the current Volvo XC90 looks in comparison to the much newer design language that is now featured on the newer models such as the Volvo V40.

SPA is Volvo’s new flexible, scalable product architecture that covers most of Volvo’s future car models. It is a product range consisting of shared modules and scalable systems and components, all manufactured in a flexible production system.

In parallel with SPA, Volvo Car Group is also developing an all-new four-cylinder fuel-efficient engine family known as VEA (Volvo Engine Architecture).

The investment in the new product architectures marks an investment by Volvo worth 11 billion USD, of which most will be spent in Sweden, constituting one of Sweden’s largest ever industrial investments.

“Almost half of the approximately 11 billion USD investments covering the years 2011 to 2015 will be spent in Sweden in the form of infrastructure for the new vehicle architecture and engine family,” says Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Car Group.

In addition, Håkan Samuelsson, also believes that the SPA and VEA architectures will sharpen the attractiveness of Volvo cars in all areas from; design, driving pleasure and quality.

At the moment Volvo has not presented a design concept of the Volvo XC90 at any shows, other than the few sketches they released earlier in the year.

Let’s hope thew new Volvo XC90 looks the part, and most importantly continues to carry the attributes the original XC90 was known for.

Source: Volvo

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A Sneak Peek Into The 2013 Volvo V40 Cross Country

A Sneak Peek Into The 2013 Volvo V40 Cross Country

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2013 Volvo V40 Cross Country Launched

2013 Volvo V40 Cross Country Launched

Volvo has launched the Volvo V40 Cross Country which sits distinct from the Volvo XC models. The Volvo V40 Cross Country rides at 40mm higher and has a more rugged style than the standard V40 and as such offers a number of unique details.

According to Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President Product Strategy & Vehicle Line Management at Volvo Car Corporation, “The new V40 Cross Country is built on the heritage that started with the V70 Cross Country back in 1997. It is designed for those who want a sense of adventure in their everyday life.”

Some of the exterior details which make the Volvo V40 Cross Country unique include sleek silver roof rails, alloy wheels available up to 19”, contrasting front bumper, honeycomb mesh grille and upright day-running lights, and the contrasting rear bumper with an integrated skid plate.

The Volvo V40 Cross Country T5 petrol turbo will be the only model to feature an All-Wheel-Drive system providing it with an all-road, all-weather driving capability.

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Volvo Concludes Participation In Autonomous Road Train Project

Volvo Concludes Participation In Autonomous Road Train Project

Volvo successfully concluded its participation in the SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) project, involving seven European partners.

The SARTRE project aims to make it possible to implement automated driving on conventional freeways such that drivers can enjoy the freedom to do other things whilst commuting.

According to Erik Coelingh, technical Specialist at Volvo Car Corporation, “The road train is the best of two worlds. You can enjoy all the multi-tasking possibilities of public transportation behind the wheel of your own car. It’s the perfect complement to the true pleasure of driving a Volvo yourself.”

Over the past number of years large strides have been made with regards to autonomous vehicle technology. Such that almost all the technology needed to implement such systems is already available in a number of modern vehicles. These systems include and are not limited to vehicle cameras, radar system and laser technology systems, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot monitoring Systems, and Park Assist Systems.

Readers may well be familiar with other projects such as the Google Self-Driving Car which earlier this year received approval for use on Public roads in California, as well as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Grand Challenge aimed at promoting driverless vehicles.

Parallel with the benefit of having time to do other things while the car drive itself, the other motivating factor for autonomous vehicles has been to promote safer driving, reduced fuel consumption, and reduction in traffic congestion.

 The SARTRE road train project includes a manually driven lead truck, which is followed by one truck and three Volvo cars (S60, V60 and XC60).

All the following vehicles are driven autonomously at speeds of up to 90 km/h – in some cases with no more than a four-metre gap between the vehicles – thanks to a blend of present and new technology.

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Volvo Launches Volvo V40 R-Design

Volvo Launches Volvo V40 R-Design

It’s only been a few months since the start of production of the Volvo V40 and Volvo today announced that they will be launching the Volvo V40 R-Design.

According to Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President Product Strategy & Vehicle Line Management at Volvo Car Corporation, “The V40 R-Design is designed around the performance-minded individual with a passion for those things that add extra spice to life. The meticulous attention to detail covers the expressive design as well as the agile, precise performance.”

The Volvo V40 R-Design has some unique styling features such as the silk-metal framed high-gloss grille, ironstone diffuser which enhances its stance, silk-metal finished details and twin exhaust tailpipes and the five-spoke diamond-cut wheels (17″ or 18″) complete the stylish, dynamic look.

On top of the Rebel Blue livery seen in the pictures, the V40 R-Design buyer has a choice of six other exterior colours.

The interior has also received some attention and includes a specially designed steering wheel, gear shifter, handbrake, sport pedals as well as aluminium inlays with a perforated look, black leather, matching stitching and a black headliner.

The Volvo V40 R-Design can be combined with all engines available for the all-new Volvo V40, from the D2 diesel with 84kW and CO2 emissions at 3.6 l/100 km to the high-performance T5 petrol turbo with 187kW.

Two chassis options will be available on the Volvo V40 R-Design the standard Dynamic chassis and the optional Sport chassis.

The Sport chassis was developed in cooperation with Swedish racing driver Robert Dahlgren in the Volvo Polestar Black R team and is 10mm lower when compared to the Dynamic chassis.

According to Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Volvo Car Corporation, “The V40 R-Design is agile, responsive and fun to drive. Both chassis offer the enthusiastic driver a feeling of total control. You get both that connected response that makes a winding country road so much fun as well as the precise, nimble moves it takes to stay on top of busy urban traffic.”

The new Volvo V40 R-Design will be available in all markets that sell the Volvo V40. Volvo Car Corporation expects that around 10 percent of all V40 buyers will choose the R-Design version.

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Volvo V40 Pricing For South Africa

Volvo V40 Pricing For South Africa

Volvo South Africa has released the recommended retail pricing for the Volvo V40, which conicidentally also recently received the five star Euro NCAP rating (apparently the best result ever recorded by the Euro NCAP). Read ours story on the Volvo V40 here.

Initially Volvo South Africa will be launching with the all-new V40 in T3 manual, T4 manual, D2 manual and D3 Geartronic derivatives. The remainder of the local line-up, including the spectacular Volvo V40 R-Design, will be available from March 2013.

All-New V40 Recommended Retail Pricing (Includes VAT and Emissions tax);

V40 T3 Manual Essential R 281,200
V40 D2 Manual Essential R 283,200
V40 T3 Manual Excel R 299,300
V40 D2 Manual Excel R 301,300
V40 T3 Manual Elite R 313,200
V40 D2 Manual Elite R 315,200
V40 T4 Manual Excel R 316,800
V40 T4 Manual Elite R 330,700
V40 T4 Powershift Excel R 332,600
V40 D3 Geartronic Excel R 339,800
V40 T4 Powershift Elite R 346,500
V40 D3 Geartronic Elite R 353,700
V40 D3 Geartronic R-Design R 363,300
V40 T5 Geartronic Excel R 373,700
V40 T5 Geartronic Elite R 387,600
V40 T5 Geartronic R-Design R 397,100


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The Volvo V40 - Assault Of The Premium Hatchback

The Volvo V40 – Assault Of The Premium Hatchback

The all new sleek and sexy Volvo V40 was launched at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year with production starting having started in May. The new Volvo V40 replaces the Volvo S40 and the Volvo V50 models. The introduction of the Volvo V40 as a premium and sporty hatchback clearly indicates Volvo’s intentions of competing with the likes of the BMW 1 series, the new Mercedes A-class as well as the Audi Sportback. The Volvo V40 is planned for introduction in South Africa early in 2013.

The new Volvo V40 offers high levels of safety features and aims to get the full 5 Star Euro NCAP rating. The plethora of safety features, one of which happens to be Volvo’s groundbreaking Pedestrian Airbag Technology, is sure to appease current and future customers, on Volvo’s high level of dedication for enhanced passenger and pedestrian safety.

Styling wise the front end of the car features a low and wide high gloss grille which enhances the sportiness of the Volvo V40.  Inset on the lower corners of the front end are the Daytime Running Lights which sweep upwards from direct front view. The sportiness is further enhanced by the low slung roof. The rear of the car has the the distinctive design  features which we have seen on the Volvo C30 which are of the tail rear lamps which are positioned high and follow the curvature of the shoulder as well as the hexagonal tailgate.

An additional feature will be the fixed panorama glass roof that stretches from the front windscreen to the backrest of the rear seats.

The enhancements to the exterior also stretch to the interior. The interior of the all new Volvo V40 is designed around people with a strong emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and an engaging driving experience.

The key interior features are; the floating ultra slim centre stack, frameless interior rear-view mirror, foldable two cup holder integrated in the centre of the rear seat cushion, Electrical heating is available in both the front seats and the outer rear seats, Seven different mood light options which make use of LED lights, an illuminated gearshift knob, 40/60 split rear seats and a Two level luggage floor.

From a safety perspective, the main Safety features that the Volvo offers, in addition the Pedestrian Airbag technology,  are the Park Assist Pilot – making parallel parking easy, Lane Keeping Aid – active help to stay on course, Enhanced Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) – for better visibility, Cross Traffic Alert which alerts drivers to traffic at the rear,  Road Sign Information which provides information to the driver on the instrument display, Adaptive Cruise Control & Distance Alert, as well as Collision Warning and auto brake – with full braking power.

The ride and handling on the V40 is setup to offer an enhanced driving experience without compromising on ride comfort. Two chassis setups will be available the Dynamic and Sport chassis., of which the Sport Chassis will be 10mm lower with firmer spring and shock absorber settings.

The Volvo V40 has an Electrical Power Assist Steering (EPAS) system which uses an electrical motor to support the steering rack and the driver can choose between three levels of power assistance; Low, Medium and High, each offering progressively different levels of power support. The EPAS system enables integration of safety and driver support functions that involve the steering, such as Lane Keeping Aid and Park Assist Pilot.

For enhanced ride and handling safety the V40 also comes equipped with Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) system as well as a Corner Traction Control system.

A number of engine derivatives will be available on the Volvo V40 ranging from a 110kW 1.6 litre four cylinder T3 turbo petrol engine to the range topping 2.5 litre five cylinder T5 turbo petrol engine churning out 187kW of engines are available for the V40. Three diesel engine derivatives will also be available. However we have not confirmed the specific engine derivatives that will be available for the South African market.

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2013 Volvo V40

2013 Volvo V40

Volvo’s new V40 pictures were revealed over a week ago, and the pictures and teaser videos indicate that Volvo is ready to give its rivals a challenge with its more refined styling. The official press release is set for the 6th of March at the Geneva Motor Show.

According to Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation, the V40 “features class-leading driving dynamics and a full deck of support and safety features that makes it the outstanding offer in the segment.”

The platform used is similar to that of the Volvo C30

The Volvo V40 will have a range of engines offered from a diesel engine up to the high performace 189kW T5 petrol engine which will give the V40 a 0 -100 kph acceleration  of 6.7 seconds.

Volvo hopes to sell 90000 units per year with and estimated 85% being sold in Europe.

Source: Volvo

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