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Official Pictures of the New Generation Lexus IS

Official Pictures of the New Generation Lexus IS

We’ve speculated over the look of the new generation Lexus IS for some time and finally Lexus have revealed official pictures of the Lexus IS. The pictures released are of the Lexus IS F.

The official unveiling of the Lexus IS will be later this on the on the 15th of January. The Lexus IS will be launched later in the year in the UK.

As mentioned by Lexus a few months ago the new Lexus IS takes on some of the design cues seen in the Lexus LF-CC concept car.

The new generation Lexus IS features its own interpretation of the spindle front grille arrangement that has become a hallmark of the new Lexus models.

The front also features a headlamp cluster with Lexus’s signature L-shaped daytime running lights.

The identity of the Lexus IS well seen on the side profile especially when compared with the current generation Lexus IS except for the cues borrowed from the LF-CC concept. The rear side profile seems to have more of a dramatic effect especially when you factor in the crease line that runs across from the front fender to the rear door and the line that runs across from the lower side skirt all the way up to the rear tail light.

The rear of the car looks good but in all honestly we believe that If one glanced at the car quickly they would probably assume they were looking at a BMW 3 or 5 Series.

The interior follows on the high quality interior that we have come to expect from Lexus offering a level of refinement with the use of cabin materials, trims and finishes. The interior cabin design is clean and elegant and seems to offer an ergonomically ideal environment created for the driver.

The longer wheelbase of the Lexus IS allows for what Lexus claims to be significantly more comfort for rear seat passengers and greater luggage capacity. Rear seating space is enhanced by the newly designed thinner front seat design.

The newly designed seats are said to be more comfortable and provide for better lateral support, and the lower seating position, angle of the new steering wheel, and the steering wheel’s reach adjustment has been increased, giving a more sporting driving position.

The new IS F Sport models can be instantly recognised thanks to their special grille and front bumper design. The “waistline” of the spindle-shaped grille is set higher than on the standard models, creating a larger lower grille that can draw in the greater volume of cooling air needed for sportier driving.

The IS F Sport also has an exclusive seat design that provides extra support. The seats are made using an integrated foaming method that ensures there are no gaps between the upholstery and the filling, giving both excellent comfort and great lateral holding.

In another direct reference to the LFA supercar, the IS F Sport features a driver’s meter with a moving centre ring.

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Final Lexus LFA Rolls Off Production Line

Final Lexus LFA Rolls Off Production Line

The final Lexus LFA, white in colour and fitted with the Nürburgring Package, rolled off the production line last week Friday the 14th of December at its dedicated production facility at the Motomachi plant.

According to Lexus, the learning from the LFA project is to directly influence new Lexus products from an engineering and production perspective.

As the final vehicle left the production line, LFA chief engineer, Haruhiko Tanahashi said, “I’ve lived and breathed supercars for the past decade. Specifically one supercar, LFA. Very few people have the opportunity we had to create a world-class supercar from a blank sheet of paper.”

Production at LFA Works started exactly two years ago, on December 15, 2010, and included a team of around 170 hand-picked takumi workers involved in parts manufacturing, vehicle assembly and painting. The LFA was produced at the rate of just one car per day.

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All New Lexus IS To Make Debut On The 15th January 2013

All New Lexus IS To Make Debut On The 15th January 2013

Lexus will reveal the all-new IS on Tuesday 15 January at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

The new Lexus IS is said to be inspired by the acclaimed LF-CC and features some design cues of the LFA. According to Lexus  the new model has been completely redesigned, inside and out.

The Lexus press conference at the show will be presented live on-line at, www.lexus.com.

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Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept Revealed In Australia

Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept Revealed In Australia

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Jay Leno Drives The Rare Lexus LFA Spyder

Jay Leno Drives The Rare Lexus LFA Spyder

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Lexus LF-CC Video

Lexus LF-CC Video

Below is a video on the Lexus LF-CC concept vehicle which will be at the 2012 Paris Show.

For a bit more information on the Lexus LF-CC please read the article we published earlier this week.

For even more information on the Lexus LF-CC concept vehicle have a look at the Lexus UK Blog.

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Lexus LF-CC To Premier At Paris Motor Show

Lexus LF-CC To Premier At Paris Motor Show

Lexus has announced that it will be premier the Lexus LF-CC mid-sized coupe concept to the 2012 Paris Motor Show. According to Lexus the Lexus LF-CC is will fit into the more accessible D-segment.

The LF-CC integrates various design cues from the LF-LC and is said to display the latest evolution of the L-finesse design language and signature spindle grille. Some of the key design attributes include the front 3 LED projector headlamps, the front broad low fenders, and the sharply sculpted airflow regulating fin that flow from underneath the side of the car and upwards through the rear wheel arch.

The rear wheel drive Lexus LF-CC is propelled by a new 2.5 litre hybrid powertrain with supposed class leading CO2 emissions targeted below 100g/km. The hybrid powertrain consists of a 2.5litre 4-cylinder petrol engine mated to a compact, high-output, water-cooled permanent magnet electric motor. In addition to the petrol engine and electric motor, the LF-CC hybrid drive system further comprises a generator, a high-performance battery, a power split device which, via planetary reduction gears, combines and re-allocates power from the engine, electric motor and generator according to operational requirements, and a compact power control unit to govern the high speed interaction of the system components. The hybrid system seems rather elaborate and should help reduce range anxiety issues.

The LF-CC’s interior hints at the progressive luxury of a future Lexus model cabin layout, and represents a further development of the company’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) design philosophy.

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