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Smart New Fiesta ST Arrived on Home Soil

The time has come to announce that Ford’s new and improved Fiesta ST has arrived on home soil!

I’m not a very big Fiesta fan but I must say there are a number of things that have me excited about this one. Seeing as I’m bit of a gadget geek meets petrol head I’ll kick off with the Fiesta’s technology. It’s smart after all.

The Ford Fiesta ST is equipped with a variety of smart, nifty technologies. My favourite might just be the “MyKey” function; this enables you to limit your car’s performance (and sound system) when someone else is borrowing it. Imagine your boyfriend quickly going to the garage for milk, driving like he is a daisy listening to Roxette softly playing in the background…

The SYNC system is also quite cool. Control your music and mobile with a simple voice command.

There’s also Active City Stop, which is like your dad hitting the brakes when he senses an approaching collision – luckily this is only active at low speeds.

The Fiesta ST is packed with a 1.6 litre 132kW EcoBoost petrol engine, which is supposed to deliver 20% more power than any other engines its size. This means 0-100km/h in less than 7seconds. The turbocharged engines on the other hand offer 134kW and 240Nm, with a top speed is 220km/h.

As for the interior; thanks to Ford Team RS, I’m glad to announce that finally Recaro sports seats are standard on the new STI. This is new, so appreciate it! Additionally the interior includes a ST steering wheel, alloy-metal pedals and gear shifter, besides for that not much has changed.

Team RS also ensured their drivers a great all round ride by improving ride-and-handling by  a tuned chassis that sits 15mm lower. They also enhanced Ford’s torque vectoring control (TVC) technology which gives you optimum grip when cornering and 3 other electronic stability modes (ESC).

Exterior is fully equipped with a full ST body kit and with new paint options such as Race Red there’s no holding back! The new Fiesta sports a larger trapezoidal grille with honeycomb structure with extensive, elongated headlamps with an intense rear, minimal roofline and remarkable butt lights. Muscular back quarter panels wrap tightly on the wheels, giving the car a daring, beefy look.

Safety features include seven airbags, ABS, Electronic Stability Program and Hill Launch Assist. The eTVC system also applies brake force to the inside front wheels around corners to improve handling and reduce under steer without affecting your speed, which I like.
Ford has a few new models to be released in 2013, all looking very promising but for now we only have the ST to enjoy! What do you think; could Ford be picking up their game with their smaller cars?

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