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New 2014 Toyota Corolla Unveiled

New 2014 Toyota Corolla Unveiled

Personally the Corolla reminds me of my high school years when I genuinely first took an interest in wanting to drive. I recall my mother taking me out on a driving lesson which ended up with me nearly powering the car into the electric pole at our front entrance. Needless to say my mother never took me on another driving lesson.

Regardless to say I went on to get my license and the Corolla became my preferred method of transportation.

This past Friday the 7th of June, saw the unveiling of the new Toyota Corolla in two distinct guises on two continents, and it was just those thoughts that ran through my mind as I read the press release.

The first guise of the Corolla was unveiled in Istanbul, Turkey whilst the other in Santa Monica, California. One of the main distinguishing factors being the markedly different frontal design of that unveiled in Santa Monica.

Both vehicles take cues from the Corolla Furia concept unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

“The European version is destined to be sold in most Corolla markets around the world including South Africa while the alternative treatment is targeted mainly at buyers in the United States.”

The European styled Corolla is set for introduction in South Africa in early 2014.

According to Toyota the “Corolla sedan features an all-new exterior design with clean lines and balanced proportions that impart a more sophisticated and contemporary look.”

In simple terms in looks better, but then again Toyota had no option but to work on the styling of the new Corolla. Considering the increased competition in this segment especially from the Koreans one would hope that more was done to the vehicle other than the exterior styling.

According to the Toyota press release it seems they did just that, the Corolla’s “all new interior offers customers a significantly roomier, more sophisticated, generously kitted cabin environment.“

For example, the new interior includes a new horizontal dashboard that emphasises the vehicles width, a larger instrument cluster, and redesigned front and rear seats.

Toyota South Africa will release more information on the all new Corolla closer to its launch.

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