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Aston Martin’s CC100 Combines The Past and Future

As many of you might know Aston Martin had a big 100th anniversary just a few weeks back, and not only did they celebrate it in a Champaign popping manner but they also presented The Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept Car.

Throughout Aston Martin’s 100 years of existence, they have won the 24 Hours of Le Mans just once and that was way back in 1959 with Carrol Shelby and Roy Salvadori as co-drivers in the Aston Martin DBR1. Not to belittle Aston Martin, the DBR1 also took part in the World Sportscar Championship winning a number of titles at the Nürburgring.

To celebrate the companies 100th anniversary the company commissioned Aston Martin’s boffins to produce something so magnificent it will hold forever encapsulate the companies heritage and give a tease of the company’s future design direction.

The result was the CC100 Speedster Concept car. It says “I’m classy and appreciate old school” but at the same time it yells “I am the best shizness to hit the road in the past 100 years!”

The CC100 Speedster; based on the V12 Vantage and old school DBR1 includes materials and design elements that look to the future, but boasts a 6.0 litre front-mounted naturally aspirated V12 gasoline engine overflowing with an excess of 500 horsepower.

The heart of the CC100 sits on a solid aluminium chassis, partnered with a hydraulically activated automatic manual transmission with paddle shifter.

Measuring almost four and a half metres nose to tail, and more than two metres wide the Speedster Concept’s body based on Aston Martin’s trademark Vertical Horizontal engineering philosophy.

Another awesome thing, I completely love about Aston Martin is that each Aston Martin model is shaped by hand from clay before the designers move on to creating a functional car. Impressive.

The Speedster was designed by Aston design chief Marek Reichman together with the automaker’s exterior designer Miles Nurnberger. The body is entirely made of carbon fibre and was constructed in fewer than 6 months at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon, England.

Now when you put carbon fibre body, V-12 and Aston Martin in the same sentence the answer that will follow is clear and simple: How fast does it go and at what point does it reach that red end of no return.

The answers are just as simple as the question. This monster concept reaches 100km/h in less than 4 seconds and has a top speed of; let’s say 280km/h.

The CC100, as with all other Aston Martins is an example of outstanding workmanship and I for one am keen to see the CC100 hit production…

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