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Does Your Wife Disapprove Of Your Toyota 86 Purchase?

Does Your Wife Disapprove Of Your Toyota 86 Purchase?

We have been trying to get hold of this Toyota 86 ad for the last few days and finally we managed to get it. The ad just speaks to those moments when all reason fails, and emotion takes over; those moments when as a man you tend to make decisions which may be deemed to be rather brash and rather childish in the eyes of your significant other.

In this case that decision refers to the purchase of the Toyota 86. A series of events could have led to the purchase of this rear wheel two door coupé  which has since it’s launch already led it to receive some form of cult like following, either badged as the Toyota 86 , Toyota GT 86, Scion FR-S, or Subaru BRZ.

We postulate that the purchase may have come from those random Saturday strolls into the dealership floor. Walking in to the dealership the victim may have caught the glimpse of a rather captivating coupé like silhouette on the dealer floor, the Toyota 86, a bit odd compared to the rest of the seemingly bland vehicles.

A wise Sales Rep spotting the opportunity for an emotional appeal to the victims senses, swiftly waltzed over and placed the vehicle keys in their palm and told them to take if for a spin and the rest is history.

A few days later having taken delivery of the Toyota 86, the ecstatic victim had still not conjured the courage to inform his significant other, and figured the best way to do it was just to show it to them, that simple.

Watch the video to see what happens, hopefully you enjoy it.

But watch out about 44 seconds into the video there is a peak at some dudes butt cheek, so be warned if you are watching the video at work.

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