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Porsche 962 Driven Through Streets of Japan

Porsche 962 Driven Through Streets of Japan

The Porsche 962 dominated the sports car and endurance racing in the 1980’s and it was rather interesting when we saw the video below of the Porsche 962 converted for road use. The owner of the car fell in love with it when he watched it race.

This specific version is claimed to have been built by Australian Porsche race driver Vern Shuppan after retiring from racing.

If that is the case, the truth is, this is a replica; Vern Shuppan built his own version of the Porsche 962, calling it the Schuppan 962CR. It was based on Porsche’s racer, but the chassis and bodywork were unique to the 962CR. Unlike other Schuppan 962s the car featured in the video carries carbon-fibre bodywork in the style of the works Porsche 962Cs.

The video was produced by Maiham-Media, and it appears that they have a few more cool video’s so check them out.

Chris Harris also drove a Porsche 962 belonging to the Porsche Museum earlier this year and had the opportunity to interview Norbert Singer, you can also watch the video below.

Source: AutoWeek

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