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2013 Lamborghini LP700-4: The Efficient Supercar

2013 Lamborghini LP700-4: The Efficient Supercar

More information on the 2013 Lamborghini LP700-4 cylinder deactivation and start/stop system has been released during the Paris Motor Show. Other than these technological advancements the Lamborghini LP700-4 also gains new individualisation options as well as improved ride and handling thanks to stiffer springs and optimised dampers.

The addition of these technologies has led to a claimed fuel consumption of 16 litres/100km a reduction of 7%.

The energy for restart following a stop phase (e.g. at a traffic light) is delivered by high performance capacitors known as supercaps which power up the Lamborghini LP700-4 extremely fast in 180 milliseconds. This is significantly faster than most conventional stop/start systems.

The Cylinder Deactivation System (CDS) on the Lamborghini LP700-4 is activated under low loads. Under low load and at speeds of less than 135 km/h, the CDS deactivates one cylinder bank, allowing the power unit to run as an inline six. But with just the slightest movement of the gas pedal, the extreme performance of the V12 engine with its 515 kW is back online.

The CDS and the start/stop system work incredibly quickly, are virtually imperceptible to the driver and have absolutely no negative impact on the amazing driving experience.

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