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Barrel Drifting and the Toyota 86

Barrel Drifting and the Toyota 86

It seems members of the drifting fraternity have fallen in love with the Toyota 86 since its introduction.

To demonstrate the abilities of the Toyota 86, Toyota UK brought in Japanese “Drift King” and Racing Driver Keiichi Tsuchiya. Tsuchiya started his racing career in 1977 and before retiring had raced in the Le Mans, the Japanese Touring Car Championship, and the Japanese Formula Three Championship. However he is widely known internationally for his drifting antics.

The express purpose of Keiichi Tsuchiya was to challenge journalists to have a go at beating Tsuchiya’s time on a Barrel Drifting course. Barrel drifting is relatively new and has yet to catch on o wide scale. Similar to Barrel Racing in the horse racing community it involves making a series of sharp turns or drifts round three barrels in a course approximately 120 to 125 metres long and less than 20 metres wide, this according to Steve Sutcliffe of Autocar.

We wonder if this sport will catch on internationally and most importantly in South Africa. The Toyota 86 is a rear wheel drive coupe which was built in collaboration with Subaru. It is sold in South Africa for a recommended retail price of R298500. For more information on the Toyota 86 read our article.

Have a look at the video below for the review from Autocar.

Source: Autocar 

  • EcoATOM

    I have taken the 86 for a test drive up in Gauteng – the ride comfort versus suspension firmness is impressively balanced making the car useful for daily trips. The lack of power at the higher altitude is disappointing – it may however redeem itself at the coast. Build quality is cheap including significant paint problems (orange peel on the sides). Additionally, the minimal use of of noise vibration treatment in the design lends the car to unwanted interior noise making the car less attractive on longer trips. The engine sounds great but combined with other unwanted noise sources, the car would cause unnecessary fatigue on long trips. No doubt a fun a car at a reasonable price. The resale value may be an issue…time will tell!

  • ecoatom

    I test drove the 86 in Gauteng: The setup of ride comfort
    and handling is superb and Toyota has achieved an excellent balance.
    Disappointing was the lack of power at the higher altitude which will no doubt limit
    popularity for those not living at coastal levels. Additionally, a cheap and
    nasty plastic interior explains the favourable pricing but combined with minimal
    noise and vibration treatment,  will no
    doubt contribute to a fatigued driver over long distances. Certainly a car that
    can be used for daily commutes and a respectful 5 star safety rating. I wonder how
    well it will hold the re-sale value though? ecoATOM

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